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StreetTemple dedicates itself to selling the finest and most up-to-date outdoor gadgets, clothes and accessories possible. Every product that makes it in the store was carefully selected by our team and adjusted to a cheap, affordable price so you can enjoy the latest trends in outdoor sports even with a small budget on your hand. 

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 As customer satisfaction is our most valued goal we make sure you receive a quick response whenever you encounter a problem with our site and/or your purchase or have a question in general. We promise to provide a 100% responsive rate.

Same goes for your feedback on the site. If you have any idea that might improve the site let us know! StreetTemple is managed with passion and integrity thus trying to serve the best customer experience possible to you!

If you share our love of outdoor sports and enjoy shopping on StreetTemple we hope you continue to support us! We would love to hear from you!


What we stand for:
• Responsible handling of our customers private data
• The best possible customer service and support
• Customer satisfaction is our goal
• Provide the latest and most trendy products






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