About Us

We love to create new things. Designing is one of our passions and sharing our work with people around the world is amazing to us.

    With this knowledge at hand I hope you decide to shop on StreetTemple and show your support by also writing to us via our customer service email: contact@streettemple.com

     As customer satisfaction is our most valued goal we make sure you receive a quick response whenever you encounter a problem with our site and/or your purchase or have a question in general. We promise to provide a 100% responsive rate.
    Same goes for your feedback on the site. If you have any idea that might improve the site let us know! StreetTemple is managed with passion and integrity thus trying to serve the best customer experience possible to you!

    If you share our love of hip-hop and enjoy shopping on StreetTemple we hope you continue to support us! We would love to hear from you!


    What we stand for:
    • Responsible handling of our customers private data
    • The best possible customer service and support
    • Customer satisfaction is our goal
    • Provide the latest and most trendy products



    Our Main Goal when designing new clothes and accessories:

    Simplicity. StreetTemple's unique designs are all about simplicity. Now combing that with hip hop themes and symbols filled with history of its development seemed like a cool idea. So we did it. And now we have over 80 products and counting. Knowing that we get new customers everyday but also returning customers we try to keep on bringing new products to the store! We stand behind every single product that we publish and we will continue to keep it simple.



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